Graceful Comeback: Johnny Gill "This One's for Me and You (ft. New Edition)" Official Video

Since this is really a Johnny Gill, you have to hand it to him for being able to come back with a whopping classic of an R&B track for 2016. It reminds me of Charlie Wilson's time with his 2005 album "Charlie, Last Name Wilson", his sustaining, yet "comeback" album featuring lost R&B smooth sounds that evolved with the help of R&B greats, around the time we lost Luther Vandross, and had wild young hip-hop influenced R&B boy bands like "Pretty Ricky". Mind you, this is probably the only time you'll see "Pretty Ricky" and "Charlie Wilson" in the same post, even when drawing comparisons to musical eras.

Check out the nice new track by Johnny Gill, featuring the awesome band (he's apart of), New Edition.