YEEZY SEASON: "Real Friends" & "No More Parties in L.A." (Snippet)

6:48 PM

I know you appreciate a lot of different versions and styles of what Kanye West can bring to the table. I'm sure you can choose just one album you love more than his entire catalog. Or if you're more like me, you like all his work and find it acceptable as it is, for who he is, on his musical and artistic journey that we get to witness during the 21st century. Ladies, and gentlemen, it's Yeezy Season, again.

Lots of fans are saying "Real Friends" reminds them of 808s & Heartbreaks or "My Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Kanye West just blessed us with "Real Friends" featuring amazing supporting vocals from Ty Dolla $ign, which I appreciate from Kanye as a means to reaching out instead of being more of an inward-based artist. And by that, I mean, you know, just Kanye featuring Kanye, produced by Kanye, Written by Kanye. Not that I don't appreciate full Kanye West productions, but like I said, I just appreciate this for being more than just him. It worked out for him... it usually always does. I don't see him making a mistake on a collaborations - This guys is a sound GENIUS.

But enough of all that, just take care of the listening part for this song. Check it out, here - via Kanye West's official Soundcloud.

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