Stephon Marbury Speaks on Kids Killing Kids for Sneakers! Takes Shots Michael Jordan / Nike

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If you haven't heard about Stephon Marbury, here's a chance to get hip.

Stephon "Starbury" Marbury
While in middle school, I was introduced to Stephon Marbury's brand and persona as a black man in America trying to make a change and sell sneakers at an affordable price, helping at-risk children, dangerous neighborhoods, and changing the way we think and feel about hundred-dollar sneakers going on sale. I totally understand style and demand, but killing people for sneakers is just not right.

Stephon Marbury has taken his time to be honest and wholesome in his truthfulness, only stating e pure facts and not creating a bias point of view when discussing this hot topic. For some odd reason, many people can't seem to agree that it's a problem that needs to be taken care of. And like many people in the Western Hemisphere, we do a lot of talking and produce nothing of it. However, the Brooklyn born, former NBA star (who was 'douped' or 'played' by his own team, in the same likes of Allen Iverson, if you know your NBA history) has switched over to China, and plays professionally for the Beijing Ducks. I'm currently still researching and gaining more knowledge on the situation because I like to understand and grasp the depth of people and their reasonings. But if you take the time to briefly compare both Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury, you would see, at a glance, that:

Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson
1. both stars formerly played in North America for the NBA
2. both stars got into a 'jam' and 'retired' or stopped playing for a some time
3. both players went overseas and somehow found themselves with better basketball deals and seemingly enjoy the less stressful, biased, and unfair society of basketball culture

These three facts should help you better overstand Starbury and his place in this world.
As I would like to get more into Stephon Marbury's background, at least let's get to the main point of discussion. His sneakers and the price tag, plus the shots he's sent to Michael Jordan are a huge deal. No pun intended.

While Michael Jordan's Nike Air Jordan line of sneakers are selling fast in nearly every urban and suburban community in the United States, the demand is rising, ignorance is taking over, and evil's presence has grown massively in comparison to when Starbury's shoes first dropped in the late 2000s. As he partnered with Steve & Barry's to produce the first line of Starbury sneakers, along came an educational documentary on his revolutionary idea.

Formerly and famously sold at Steve & Barry's (now defunct)
I came across his Instagram page @StarburyMarbury where he posted an inspiring image. Lots of comments, where I found he replied to a comment saying:
"...Not thinking about negative thinkers. They'll be right there when I get done. I don't feel a of what they feel they need to let off. They don't get it. Talking on social network about what I'm doing is pointless when I'm thinking limitless. They can't understand the perseverance in being successful because they only see the results. They have no clue in how hard it is to be successful in life let alone the sport of basketball..They say I'm garbage but I believe I'm in a elite class where not that many maxed out twice. Now I don't know who pays garbage that but that's another
story. I don't mind undressing these fake words from negative thinkers. I speak facts not my opinion. Basketball is just a game to me. It's a game that I love but I don't love it more then the life. One day a kid will say I want to be better then what I'm doing. I just pray people can see the message. Attack Jordan? How can I do that I might end up in one of his jails. A joke but really not! The only thing that's being attacked is his heart for his people if we're his people. I don't know as I never once heard dude speak out about the parents who buried their kids in the chi while playing in chi after being killed for his shoes. Yes people have a choice to buy what they want but when you have such an influence on culture and kids you have to be conscience enough to feel that wrong doings are happening. It's so questionable that not one time have I heard this man stand up and say enough is enough. The most popular person on the planet hides behind a check sign."

What's quite hard to understand is that when an innocent human life is in the mix of ignorance and greed, people are still subject to the agenda pushed on us. $200+ for Nike Air Jordan sneakers vs $15 Starbury sneakers made from the same Chinese factories. A pressing issue behind the name Michael Jordan whereas he has yet to stand and influence children, kids, teens, and adults, to stop the violence over his sneakers. We have heroes in today's world who are actively fighting, and I certainly aspire to inspire freethinkers. Make your choice.

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