Latest: Music from RAH DIGGA | ft. Nitty Scott MC, M-Phazes, Chuck D

10:35 AM

The 90s and early 00s rapper backed and pushed by Busta Rhymes when she was rapping under Flipmode Squad has been rapping independently and releasing songs and freestyles that are specifically directed to that black child looking for a black woman to look up to and be inspired by. Her lyrics are uplifting and powerful. I don't write much about people who got all their shit together in the music and lyrics so forgive me if I seem as though I may be selling short of a blogpost for one of my black lyrical sisters out here. But you gotta be honest, when you got a dope MC on your hands, there ain't much to say-- you just let the music do the talking and the lyrics speak for themselves (ironically yet literally).

Storm Comin' is one of my favorite joints from Rah Digga. I already feel like a better person listening to her music. The instrumentals ride under her strong words like sea salt on a strong wind at the beach. You just can't deny it.

Follow Rah Digga on Twitter @therealrahdigga and on Soundcloud for more hits @rahdiggamusic.

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