Online Crate Diggin: Kali Uchis - Por Vida (Full Album / YouTube Stream)

2:22 AM

I've posted something brief following an awesome video that came out by this special new artist from the West coast. Just letting the world know that this interesting new music does exist somewhere... And now that I've manage to come across her music again, I've taken it upon myself to add her full album (found streaming live on YouTube) so you all can vibe out to the whole thing. It's really beautiful; I can't wait to share this music with a certain few people I've met out in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA. Unless, of course, they've already discovered this and we can instead just have a conversation about when, where, and what we like about her and her awesome creation.

If I'm not mistaken, I actually discovered her through Tyler, the Creator who, if my ears don't deceive me (because I'm sure I can recognize anyone's production these days), co-produces some, if not all the tracks exclusively or completely. And if you're not too familiar with Tyler, the Creator, the musical beast and driving force for soulful, happy tunes that pull at the heartstrings and make you want to fall in love with whomever could even be close to a crush-- you should check out his second to last album, Wolf, and get in tune with the whole nine, as far as vibes and style goes.

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