FRESH: The Black Eyed Peas - "Yesterday" Official Video | New B.E.P. Music! 2015

Some old school style Black Eyed Peas music for all you souls out there looking for something funky and fresh to get into. The Black Eyed Peas have confirmed that they will be releasing new music. Fergie, a later addition to the group (BEP was created in 1995; Fergie joined in 2002 and featured on their third album, Elephunk) is not featured on this song and fans therefore believe it has less of a pop value and more of an original and classic hip-hop feel. I understand the sample bring out that element, but within the hook, I also like the 8-bit style impression on their vocals as they've been doing in their more recent music in albums like The E.N.D and The Beginning.

Also: Check out Lil Mama's Ode to hip hop, "Sausage" official music video.

I'm not quite sure of where the initial video release was hosted, as I've seen an upload of this video get removed a week later; however I've found a working and active link to this video on YouTube. Watch below or in a new tab.

The lyrics are active as subtitles for those who'd like to sing along!