Synthwave Music: VHS Glitch - Evil Technology (Album)

4:06 PM

I've yet to really touch this (sub)genre, so here's to that. This particular style of music has grown on me, being a filmmaker and cinematographer. At first I was looking for more of a catchy flavorful pop sound, something like "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" by Jane Child from the 80s. I haven't managed to find anything in that direction as far as Synthwave Music goes. Which only means I'm looking in the wrong places, or it's yet to be tried. I'm sure I'll find it or someone will do it soon because it's not far off... But anyway, here's some of that album the title speaks on.

Do me a favor and hit that pause button on the playlist (if you're jamming music on desktop mode) and press play on the album.

Cont. reading below...

David Hasselhoff
The first couple of songs that the playlist automatically plays have a dark crime sort of feeling. Almost reminds me of the Matrix. Only if the Matrix was in the 80s or if David Hasselhoff was playing as Mr. Anderson.

Kinda puts things in a funky perspective, doesn't it? The history of the 80s is great. I love diving 20 to 40 years in the past and looking at all the great things that were accomplished in human history, black history, American history, and just culture in general. We've come a long way and I personally believe that if we only research and study a lot more, we'll find ourselves in a better position to mold and create the future. If we could look into the ideas that were already attempted and with good reason, we could do what they did and pick up on their failures and be that, times two (or more).

Yes, what I'm saying is we could ultimately be a better version of the 90s and 80s if we only fix what went wrong during these eras.

I look at all the older music and wonder why people don't appreciate it. In comparison to what's on mainstream radio today, there's a clear difference, and it should only be obvious that there's something missing from right now. And right now will always affect our future rather than what has happened in the past. We're already living off of our decisions in the past, and now it's time to make new decisions for the future.

Respect the classics. Learn your history.
The Future Is Now.

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