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"162 people are following Taylor Camro. Be the first of your friends."

Sounds like a pretty great motto and advertisement for Taylor Camro, but what do you really know about me? A quizzing question, but whose got time for those right now, anyway? Here's a couple links to my pages, some photos and videos of my work; and by the time you're done here, you'll have the advantage of having the facts on Taylor Camro over what anybody else could tell you in the streets.

A hustler, an artist, a designer, a rapper, a dancer, a singer, an anime character, you name it. I'm all of that and a lot more. Here below are a couple photos I've taken at my basement studio in Connecticut.

Elie, 19

Banga Roye, 23

You can find more of my photography work on my Flickr page @TaylorCamro1995

Here are a few of my cartoon/vector illustrations. Some of my most recent and favorite. Featuring Chris Brown, Chance the Rapper, and Vic Mensa.

The rest of my work can be found on my Instagram and Facebook. Follow me on Facebook via the button at the very top of this post, or like my page Taylor Camro. You can find me on Instagram as @TaylorCamro1995

That last graphic design is actually a prototype to a style of mine currently under development. I hope to share more with you in the future after I put more work to it. I think it had a decent start but it still needs more work until I achieve the style I see in my head.

Here are a few films I've shot, edited, and directed. Including a music video with The Sloth featuring a dope cameo from The Voyagers, a few videos with Lil Mama, and a new film with Bobby Brown Jr.

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