New York's Finest: Chelsea Reject - "GO" ft. T'Nah Apex & CJ Fly (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

12:45 PM

Straight out of New York, I passionately can tell you that these three artists are going to show you something new this year, starting off with "GO" by Chelsea Reject featuring two fine visionaries by the name of T'Nah Apex and CJ Fly. CJ Fly is currently a member of Pro Era while T'Nah Apex is a former member of Pro Era (who can be found featured on Joey Badass's first mixtape, 1999). In celebration of the success by these rising stars who are currently holding New York on their backs, I'll post some informative stuff on said artists a little later. But for now, please enjoy this new single! I am lucky to have gotten a chance to peek at it while I was in LA with Chelsea the summer of 2014. I'm going to watch it again with you all! Peace Wolves.

Chelsea Reject performing at A3C, where I caught up with her in Atlanta after her performance. Funny story about that, I tried to get in via her guest list and A3C unprofessionally made a very unfortunate mistake in which I was unable to watch her perform or snag my own pictures.

Soundcloud version:

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