Everybody Wants a Piece of Missy Elliott!

Peep how everybody wants a piece of Missy Elliott because her name is really hot right now. The Superbowl is THE MOST WATCHED SHOW IN THE WORLD, which is why the commercials are so "important" for companies who have paid hundreds of thousands, and even millions to partake in. Further more, Missy Elliott's songs (the singles performed at the Superbowl) saw a 1000% increase in sales (according to Billboard), selling around 70,000 digital copies.

Now everybody is grabbing a piece of Missy -- "Missy Elliott Tribute" this and "Missy Elliott Remix" that. Yet she's still an underrated, under-appreciated, black, female hip hop MC. Nonetheless, a hot topic amongst those who have NEVER even heard of her, prior to this huge performance!!

Watch Alyson Stoner, a dancer who appeared in Missy's music videos in the early 00s, in her tribute video. She gives thanks and pays dues at the end. Very hip-hop and very entertaining video. Almost 12.5 million views! Wow!

Listen to this mix uploaded just a week ago, with a whopping 300,000+ views! Jack Ü - Take Ü There (featuring Kiesza), apparently an official Missy Elliott Remix, as posted on Missy Elliott's official website - www.missy-elliott.com

But let's take note to those overseas who respected Missy's hard work and dope craft before this Super Bowl madness. Korean pop star (KPop) G Dragon of the hot boy band/super group BIG BANG has worked and performed with Missy Elliott on a huge show, and probably more that just weren't filmed. But for the one(s) that were, I can say that I truly enjoyed, and can still see the amazing cultural influence Missy has given to G Dragon and his fans. His fashion being one. Watch here.