Mixtape Review: Melodiesinfonie - Ja$$ (Download Link In$ide)

1:52 AM

An amazing work of art by Melodiesinfonie. This abstract Swiss producer has an ear for colorful sounds and a taste for creating a jazzy compilation of instrumentals like this one. It's absolutely amazing. I first downloaded this back when I was in high school. I'm 19 now, and I think it was my junior-going-into-senior year. It was release October 2012, so that tells you more about me if anything.

This mixtape helped me figure my direction in rap, and it takes producers like Melodiesinfonie to expose a different aspect of music than just the usual. I mean, sure, there are plenty of producers who love to make old school boom bap related beat tapes and such. But this has a different texture to it. The chop isn't something you hear from everyone. It's nice, and refreshing. Somewhat J Dilla-esque. I could hear someone throwing some Busta Rhymes over this with a twist on the mastering production, as most people who look our for this type of music are used to hearing. Like remakes, reworks, and more.

I'm going to end this here with the playlist and free download link. Enjoy.

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