Artist Review: King Krule + Official Video to "Easy Easy"

6:20 AM

I hear the name King Krule a lot, particularly amongst my cultured friends who have a thing for music outside of the U.S. or just sh*t you don't find in the mainstream lifestyle. This is certainly something the average American wouldn't find themselves listening to, white, black, whatever. It's just not what the average person here would know to look out for or expect to like. 

Someone with his features and such, and I'm talking about his looks now, isn't someone many people get used to. It's almost like being black in America (ha ha). We all get discriminated against in some way, but I wanted to bring it up now more than ever because he's white and at that, a lot of people will ignore this until they see someone with pale skin and bright hair, which won't be often. Might I add, this is a very distinguishable look, and it's very much his own.

He's British, and from what Wiki says, he can rap, sing, play guitar (and perform his vocals at the same time -- a skill to be noted because it's not easy), and he can produce. Along with that, he's only been recording since 2010, which is a lot to take in, considering that was only 5 years ago today. It's mind boggling to many to even hear that someone can catch wind in 4 years or less. It's truly phenomenal, many people take years, some take months. But with technology today, connections, and other things that can help, you can literally do anything. Especially with the right mindset.

But back to the music.

This song and visual are a 100% perfect matchup if I do say so myself. The song was awesome, and the visuals were great. It was really interesting how I got lost in the visuals while still paying close attention to the song. It was like I was listening to two people talk at the same time and understood exactly what each person was saying. Fantastic job.

Watch the video below and stay tuned for more King Krule to be featured on Wolf At Midnight. We like you, King Krule. Keep up the good work.

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