Too HYPE: Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd) [Official Video]

5:23 AM

I'm beyond stoked, I'm at a loss for words! This man is a genius, I knew he wouldn't let me down.

As opposed to other artists, I know Childish doesn't put effort into an album only to do maybe one music video for a track that just happened to do best. And I'm not sure if Telegraph Ave was one of the best on the album. But I'm damn sure glad that he blessed his fans (me and my type of people) with not one, not two, but four official visuals off the album, "Because The Internet".

I'm going to make a quick off-the-wall disclaimer-- I haven't found myself being a true fan of a relevant artist since Drake in his upcoming days during his awesome mixtape reign and first album under YMCMB. With that being said, I've never found myself keeping up with what particular artists choose to release alongside their music as a supporting idea such as a music visual.
As a music artist, you are in no way obligated to release visuals, so just a quick shout out to those artists who put work in to create a music video to go alongside the art you produce.

Furthermore, I'm so excited to have stumbled across this music video. As I said, and I'll continue, I'm very content with the music Childish Gambino creates for people like me. Not only that, but I'm extremely grateful he's decided to share visual pieces to accompany his f**king awesome sounds.

Thanks, Bino.

Also let's give a shout out to the (seemingly) undying love between Bino and Jhene Aiko, and the lovely cameo/co-acting appearance she made.

And without further ado, "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" by Childish Gambino. This is the official music video. Enjoy, wolves!

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