Artist Spotlight: Interview w/ PHENOM (Multitalented ATLien Superstar)

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As you all know, I don't just talk out of my a** when I speak on talent. I don't give people a bullsh** chance when it comes to their craftwork. It's either you're 100% and going hard, or you just need to be sent home to reevaluate your skill level and work ethic. Where a lot of people fail to grind or just don't put their all, this guy picks up. I warn you to be weary and tread lightly. There's a Phenomenal talent on the come up, pun definitely intended. But let me tell you; this man is no joke. 
Take this time to read up on Dha Phenom and enter his mind and see where his heart's at. I shall speak no further, the rest lies within the Q&A.

1. Where were you when you decided to do music? 

I don’t know where I was, but as a toddler I would watch my father produce records in the studio. Coming from a musical background, (mother sings, sister sings, brother sings/raps/produces, Dad does all the above), it was almost fate, but not quite. I don’t fully believe in fate. 

2. When did you realize this was "IT"? Did you ever consider anything else? 

It's a constant realization. I remember watching Arsenio Hall’s show recently and seeing Prince asked the same question. He basically said that music is what he does best and is all he ever knew. That’s how I feel. I am a product of the entity of music itself. I knew it was “it” once I became self-aware. As for considering anything else? I have multiple passions. If you go on my youtube, you’ll see me in a StandOff Studios short film. I enjoy acting and art in general. I’m also a huge wrestle head and could see me in the ring one day (laughs). I have a massive fascination with outer-space and I have no doubt that I’d be trying to be an astronaut had it not been for music. 

3. Proudest moment in music creation and production. 

I’ll  give  you  my  most  recent.  A  few  weeks  ago,  I  created  a  symphony  production.  Like,  legitimate  orchestral  music.  After  coming  out  of  my  music  appreciation  class  in  college,  I  created  a  melody  that  would  soon  become  the  basis  of  the  record  I’d  soon  produce.  Without  a  recording  aid,  I  kept  that  melody  in  my  head  all  the  way  up  until  I  was  home  from  school  for  the  summer  to  create  the  song.  It  was  definitely  a  confidence  boost  because  I  tackled  a  genre  not  really  recognized  by  even  the  artists  that  I  constantly  look  up  to.  I  realized  that  I  can  accomplish  and  create  any  production  genre.  Now  I  want  to  take  on  Dubstep. 

4. What do you say about a critic who doesn't recognize a genre as "real music" How do you define music? 

You can't really argue an opinion. I can better accept when someone dislikes a song, but not when someone can say that it isn't music - obviously we define music differently. If you tap your hand against pavement to the sound of a bird chirping in the distance—that’s music. It may not have a bridge; it may not have a chorus. It may not be an actual song by the various interpretations of the word “song,” but it IS music. 

 5. (When asked about more of his influences outside of his family, he had this to say.) 

 There are three artists that have impacted me greatly like no others—I call them the "Three Pillars." Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Honorable mention: James Brown. 

 Extra: Currently I’m hard at work on my summer project. It’s a mix-tape called Summer Therapy. It’s a straight hip hop record and it’s the first release under my rap alias, Brill Yentz. Up until now, I’ve only gone by my main stage name as PHENOM. At any rate, I’ve actually already dropped the first single off of it called “Higher Living” featuring my brother, KINGMARZE. People have been asking me, “Hey Mike, when are you releasing some of YOUR material?” People don’t often realize that I do all things music, but my main focus has always been production. This mix-tape is to let the world know, “Hey. I’m here.” And my passion for Hip Hop grows. Atlanta lyricism is alive and well. THAT’S why I’m doing it. I’m doing it for the crown. Look at Beast Coast. Look at TDE. They’re incredible. That whole energy is potent and I want my mix-tape to be the gateway to a “Nu Atlanta.” I’ve got a vision. This is the Avengers—The Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I’m the 2008 Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. Please encourage people to listen to my single, “Higher Living” here. (

Also, here is my twitter (@dhaPHENOM), Instagram (@iAmDhaPHENOM), tumblr (, and youtube (  It’s always a pleasure, Taylor Camro. Thank you for everything. 

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