Happy Mother's Day: Eminem Apologizes to His Mother via Music Video | Headlights (ft. Nate Ruess)

12:10 AM

Shocking that I'm even writing this right now. I just got finished watching the new music video by Eminem ft. Nate Ruess. An apology, an "I love you", a song, and a hug from Eminem and Nate all on Mother's Day 2014. After all the songs by Eminem slandering his mother's name, television comedy skits featuring Eminem, and music videos acting out his interpretation of his mother... this music video really brought me to tears. No matter how bad you have it, you'll find yourself one day truly realizing and appreciating all your mother did for you and doing what she absolutely could do. 

See, the thing with mothers, I've learned over the years, is that no one's mother is perfect. And during the experience of raising a child from 0-18 years old, or whatever your coming-of-age may be, your mother may make mistakes that you may never forget. Even though we can't really validate "trying" or "I'm sorry," for the reason why our mothers may have just simply f***ed up, sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's just okay... we have to move on from our parents mistakes, and if they're willing to change and move on, then sometimes your parents are the only ones you should accept an "I'm sorry" from.

"I'm sorry" doesn't pay bills, it doesn't feed us, it doesn't solve problems. But it's a way to accept your flaws and be open and honest about it.

Big shout out to the director of the video, Spike Lee. You really did the damn thang, Spike.
And another shout out to the people who helped produce this film, Alex Wright, and Kathy Angstadt from Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks (I just watched a film produced by them).

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