Most Underrated Inspirational Documentary of '13: "30 Days In May"

3:46 AM

As you may or may not know, Floyd Mayweather was convicted of what I personally believe was a crime did not do. Domestic violence. A man with such prestige, such power, such dignity, I personally just don't believe he'd have done such a thing. However we went and did the time for it. It may have been for business, as the beginning typography/description tells that he was let go and the original date was pushed back for the undefeated champion Mayweather to fight in a match that would generate over $100 million dollars. As Floyd being a business man, I believe there is much more to the story, behind the domestic violence, behind the jail and prison confinement, and behind the truth. 

But this isn't time to decipher what's really going on, I believe this short film is absolutely amazing as far as inspiration goes. Follow Floyd Mayweather in 30 days of May as he lives life and enjoys his time with his friends and family before being imprisoned.

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