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I've been searching on my own time and just simply cannot find anyone local who is interested in voicing their opinion and standpoint in the culture they lead and are apart of. So I'm calling you out through the power of my blog; all sneaker heads, skaters, BMXers, music collectors, producers, models, singers, rappers, beat makers, fashionistas, All-Star MVPs, poets, street racers, artists, bands, and more, this is for you!

I'm ready to reveal the big secret. I've been holding this up inside, but as I said, no one local in the state of Connecticut is about that life.
I thought this segment of my blog/introduction to Wolf At Midnight's new and official vlog would feature and showcase local talent and culture. This is going to sound pretty cliche, but my town is lazy, most people aren't going to see this post until years from now when the vlog is up and running and successful. I believe in this project and segment 100%. This blog has over 100,000 viewers and fans, and the number is only growing larger by the day.

With this new segment, Leaders of Culture, I will film and showcase the skills, talents, and hobbies of those who are passionate about their work of art and/or collection. I'm ready to introduce my skill level of photography and cinematography by integrating it with my blog. 

So who's ready to have their talent showcased and appreciated by the world?
Here's how you can submit and be apart! 
With a detailed email about yourself and your hobby, please include the following (feel free to copy and paste into your email):

State of Residence:
Hobby, Talent, and/or Career:
5 pictures of your collection/talent in action:

Email your information to insomniac.wolf@yahoo.com

Start submitting, and good luck! If you are chosen, you'll get a shout out via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and an email back explaining the next steps as far as getting featured in this segment. Be prepared to be on camera, showing off your talent and hobbies to the world. Let people know why your culture is worth knowing about, educate peers and like minded individuals and connect with those in your area, nationwide, and worldwide who share the same interests, goals, and ambition as you do.

Let's give urban culture a voice, scream your talent and let Wolf At Midnight showcase who you are and those alike.

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