Mellow Vibes: Skizzy Mars - Cheer Up (Official Video)

6:39 PM

I really f*cks with the vibe of this song. It's really chill and captivating. It catches you by surprise almost, especially when he kicks in with the singing.

What I respect about new rap artists is that they utilize their voices. Even back in the day, our parents, and our parent's parent's time; the singers back then didn't hit fancy high notes and harmonize completely the way some singers like Chris Brown can today. And although the argument is within the fact that singing isn't for everyone, I think you can argue back that it's all about finding your sound and what works for you. Whether it be rapping or singing. Even artists like Wiz Khalifa, J.Cole, and Childish Gambino can do it, and they do.

For any upcoming rap , I really recommend you test out your singing voices and interpret it into your music. It really shows how far you can go as a musician and further opens more opportunities for yourself as an artist.

Check out this track and music video called "Cheer Up" by Skizzy Mars.

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