Laid Back Beats: DiBia$e - The Genie

2:22 PM

I stumbled upon this while looking for a different beat by Dibia$e. I'm twice as grateful, I love when this happens, but at the same time, I wish I could have found both to share with y'all. I'll find it, it's probably just under a different name than I expected.

Y'all know that one beat Dibia$e produced, the one with the sample that goes "A genieeeee in the skyyyyy....whooooo."

Ring a bell? Oh well, I'll find it. It's on my tumblr, anyway. Shouldn't be hard to track down. Enjoy!

Also-- please don't mind the mess on the blog. I'm in the process of switching over layouts and whatnot. 
The current one is giving me some trouble and a bit of a headache. So I decided to just try something new, and something better to look at. No one likes a boring blog layout! Haha, cheers.

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