Greatest Hits: "So Ambitious" - Jay Z ft. Pharrell Williams [Audio]

7:36 PM

How can anyone not like this song? This song inspires me forever. 
When it first came out, I thought Pharrell's hook was very interesting. I like how simple it is and how straightforward it is. Unlike other's and their puzzling and mysterious lyrics, this song is very MC-like. This is a story being told by Shawn Carter in his younger days. His journey to success, and how far he's come has not gone unnoticed, especially with everything put out "in writing" for you. This song explains it all, any living human being can relate, this song is for those ambitious for more, and the prove the doubters dead wrong.

Everyone needs to hear uplifting music like this. Enjoy, and go out and make a difference in your life. One for the better. Be a go-getter.

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