One of the Greats: Fergie - Fergalicious (Official Video)

4:07 AM

Ms. Stacy Ferguson, the female in the group, The Black Eyed Peas (otherwise known as BEP).
I really thought she was amazing as a child growing up. I still love her old hits, and think of her as no less. Really happy that she's married and starter her own family. I didn't know how to feel when BEP started to come to an end, but you know, you've got to except things for what they are. I was probably one of the biggest BEP fans ever, mostly because of their robotic style, their dancing, and fashion. In my eyes, they brought a lot of Japanese culture to America and really brought my attention to Japan and other Asian cultures. I like what Fergie and BEP has done for the music industry, it's too bad they don't leave much of an impression on others as they do with me.

Anyway, enjoy this hit single and the dope visuals that go along with it.
(This is when Hip Hop used to have well thought out music videos with storylines and creativity)

Fergie - Fergalicious

(lyric video)

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