Respect: Angel Haze - From YouTube to Record Labels

9:44 AM

If you were wondering why I respect Angel Haze so much, let's take it back to 2011 real quick, and with the backing of her YouTube fans, I can show you what she's been doing since before BET, the traveling, the popularity.

Here is what made most people become a fan. She's talented and she rips this track below.

(6', 7' Remix Freestyle)

Just let that sink in for a minute... and when it has sunk in completely, watch this video.

(Suicide Poem)

Her poetry is off the walls, this is what makes a true rap artist. Their sense of poetry and how they bring out emotions and ideas, how they bring your attention to something and make it matter. She took your attention, and slammed a whole subject in your face. She gave you the whole "And here are the reasons why," sh**, too. If you can't respect that, just watch this last video, and go on about your day.

(Angel Haze BET Cypher)


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