Lil Wayne Plans Retirement in 5 Years | "Any time between 30, 35 is when I'd like to"

1:44 PM

Current age at 30, Lil Wayne plans his official retirement in 5 years at the age of 35. We all know and love at least 5-10 songs Lil Wayne has recorded and produced, that goes without saying. Whether you're a fan or not, every artist who has made it to the radio has made a few hits that were catchy and had you singing or rapping along to it. So with that being said, Lil Wayne can definitely afford to go without making music for the rest of his life. But an his fans go without hearing new content from Lil Wayne?

Check out this video that this Young Money Cash Money Records / Cash Money Records artist speaks in about his plans for retirement and his views on his hard work and DEDICATION to the music and the industry.

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