FRESH: NATIVE EP by NVTIVE - Now Available on Bandcamp

Check out my brother's EP. I could've sworn I'd posted this previously, but apparently I have not. I bet it's somewhere in my drafts; this EP was released around the time I was blogging with a crappy laptop. I had so many issues, so many lost blog posts... but enough with the excuses. Better late than never...(but never late is better).

Check out the EP my bro Aye.Jay a.k.a. ИVTIVE (NVTIVE, for those of you who can't see the special "N" character he uses to uniquely stylize his name).

This is some good music from a soulful young 19-year-old currently residing in the city, Naptown (Indianapolis, IN).
Originally from Brooklyn, NY, which he'll proudly let you know in his music, he comes from a standpoint where it takes guts to speak from. Kids who wanted to be somebody, kids who knew more about the strategic aspect of making quality over quantity. This I know from being a fan of his first creations on YouTube which, hopefully, will be released in the future. He's made some great music and I was really interested in him furthering his music career at the time, and this EP only proves his dedication to his sound.

I shall speak no further, enjoy the EP.
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