Diverse & Fresh: KYLE - This Is A Hit (Prod. by The Cataracs)

12:04 AM

One of the most talented up and coming rap artists I've ever laid ears on. Yes, indeed I'm talking about the kid formerly known as K.i.D who goes by KYLE (or what some people refer to him as Love KYLE).
Honestly, I do not listen to any of his music. I have indeed hear plenty of his songs, but until I'm actually yearning for something innovative, creative, and particularly stylishly new, I don't think to listen to him.
That's going to change today. I heard "This Is A Hit" on YouTube and just thought... you know, maybe my music playlists, my iPhone, Android, all that; maybe it needs a lil more KYLE. Maybe I'll be a little more happier with some KYLE tunes on blast.
Here is one of my favorite and recent discoveries of KYLE. Check it out.

This is simply amazing, and I can relate to who he once was, that's incredible and makes his music so much more artistic to me, something I can get attached to simply because of the person who makes it. Thanks KYLE!

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