NWTS: Drake - Come Thru (One of My Favorites From NWTS) | Audio Only

Audio only version of the song "Come Thru" performed by Drake.
One of my favorites off the deluxe version of Nothing Was The Same, by Drake, featuring many producers and artists such as Jhene Aiko, Boi-1-Da, Big Sean, 2 Chains, 40 (OVO producer), and many, many more.

Great work of art, here. But this particular song... It's so summer-themed, in my opinion.
It reminds me of a typical, fun kick back in West Hartford, CT or Atlanta, GA. Possibly the reason why I love this track so much.


NOTE: This song has been slightly altered to avoid copyright infringement rules and restrictions on YouTube. The song should still be enjoyable, the tone is a bit off, but hey! Look forward to buying the actual album, and you'll be fine. Support Drake and his product.