Movies To Watch: "House Party: Tonight's the Night" // Featuring Kid n' Play

3:06 AM

Let's start off by saying I'm most definitely looking forward to this movie and how the director's take on a 2013 house party. Well, that, and three other reasons.
1. Tequan Richmond
2. Kid
3. Play

I'm really glad that Kid & Play are back in the movies. I'd love to see how they play their roles in the latest House Party film. I'm looking forward to seeing how realistic this movie will be, of course minus the beyond entertaining (and unrealistic) effects and whatever else may be included, but I'm referring to what they seem to be -- A&Rs, record producers, something of the sorts. I'm sure I'll just have to purchase the movie or watch it on Netflix if it becomes available... speaking of which, I definitely feel the need to find out whether or not it is in fact on Netflix or not, I'm actually amped to see this movie.

Anyway, I'm also glad that Tequan Richmond, who once played as Chris's brother, Drew, on Everybody Hates Chris, got himself a role in something pretty big. And if this wouldn't be considered big, I think it's something pretty decent sized to count towards an acting career. Just like with the music business, trust and believe when I tell you that acting is no different. Just as difficult, if not more. Props to him, a young, black actor putting his best foot forward, not giving up.

Not to leave out Tequan's character's ace (who I can't even seem to find ANY information on, whatsoever), I look forward to the whole movie, including his role too. Trust me, I'm not trying to be a d**k. You can actually blame the internet, this time.

Watch the trailer, wolves.

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