Abstract Music: "Relaxation Time" - Phonosapiens

1:15 PM

I just discovered this track. I was listening to some Freddie Joachim, which led to me posting my findings onto my tumblr blog. However, upon typing in my findings, some songs wouldn't pop up because they weren't listed on Soundcloud. The rest of the songs were 45-minute/hour-long mixes which either included the song I was looking for, or the artist. 

Okay, so this is the part that gets real-- my curiosity and imagination led me to listening to each of the entire mixes, and while I was vibing and reblogging, sometimes I'd have to stop the playlist and find out which song it was in the lineup. I came across "Phonosapiens," what I believe to be a German or Austrian turntablist. Not so sure if this is a group or an individual. The information on them is both scarce and not completely in English. Google Translate is quite unreliable at this point, as well. Haha, oh well. The universal language of music is heard loud and clear with this track I'm sharing with you, so be sure the turn it up and vibe out, yo.

Peace and love.

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