90s Throwback: Aaliyah - Hot Like FIRE (Official Video)

4:26 AM

One of my favorite tracks by Aaliyah. I'm assuming this is the single version to the song, because I have her album, "One in a Million," and this version of the track is not included. However, I've included both the album and single version, just so y'all can have that to enjoy. Both are well over amazing... said the biggest Aaliyah fan, ever (Shots fired, Drizzy).

And with that, I must continue to say... You all shall wonder no more why we lost such an amazing woman. Jealousy and greed is well and alive. Look at this talent. The uniqueness. To this day, no one will be able to trump Aaliyah and her accomplishments. Thank you Aaliyah Haughton.
Rest In Peace, 1979-2001

(Single version)

(Album version)

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