"They Want That Dope Sh**" Prod. 1500 or Nothing (Pabst & Jazz) | Stop Sleeping On Asher Roth!

I need a kick in the pants for this. How could I fall asleep on one of my favorite artists? Okay, I'll explain.
He's one of my top 3 favorite artists, living.
That being said, he also had songs that popped up on the radio time and time again, so it was easy to keep up with him. Apparently, he's fully underground now, and has dropped a good 3 projects since I last heard his music. And, as much as I try to keep up with underground hip hop, I let this one slide right passed me, for some reason. What I'm trying to say it, excuse me for taking a nap. I don't want to say I slept on Ash, because I've known he was an amazing MC since XXL Mag Freshmen '09 (the best freshmen class, by far). So yep. I wasn't sleep, I just took a nap. A cat nap, at that.

Sorry y'all.

But yeah, I went on his like page and looked through his photos. I saw an album cover that my brother Aye.Jay brought to my attention while in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. I remember him telling me about Pabst and Jazz, as well as "Beet" something... I think he said it was called "Turn up the beat," spelled with the words of food. Like "Turnip the Beet." So basically, I'm glad I woke up in time before I let this just go upside my head completely. 

I'm listening to Pabst an Jazz as we speak.
I accidentally started playing it on shuffle, which I need to change right now, haha. I like to hear albums and mixtapes in order on the first listen.
-Takes shuffle off; plays from beginning-

This project is so incredible. I wouldn't really call this a review. I'd actually say this is more of an apology. I know a lot of you read what I have to say just to keep in touch with that underground soul.
I mean, to be honest, I even find myself coming back to my blog to find stuff I was talking about a month, year, week, day, (etc) ago. Sometimes, I post things I like immediately, so I don't forget them. My blog is both useful to you and the writer. 

Back to Ash Roth.
Here's a song off Pabst and Jazz.
It's called "Dope Sh**"
This is the explicit version. Worth listening to, in my opinion. Don't censor the artist's true words. If you want to hear the censored version, it's probably not worth listening to. You won't get the true message that Ash intended to be heard. You'll hear an improvised version made for.. THE WEAK MINDED!
-evil laughter-

Alright, I'll get to the song now.
Here ya go:

Before you go, download Pabst and Jazz right here, on DatPiff.