Str8 From the 00s: "I Still Love You" - 702 ft. Pharrell

2:12 AM

This is my kind of music. I love this.
If you don't know this song, I can't really do anything but make you hip to what you missed.
But if you do know this song, you should love that I brought it back ;)
Man, they had such an original sound. Great voices. A truly underrated female trio.
But with such competition such as Destiny's Child, TLC, En Vouge, SVW, etc, I see how it was hard. Especially with the solo talents like Beyonce, who eventually broke off from Destiny's Child, of course, Aaliyah, and others, it must have been truly hard to prove your originality. Especially when success wasn't solely based on originality back then. It was more based on who could catch your attention, how long they could hold it for, and how long would it be before they got played out, or before someone else came into the picture. And it was always someone new coming into the picture. CONSTANTLY (not to mention the constant pressure to be hot, and the difficulties of being a team and putting forth an effort to support each other's ideas while making sure your own ideas get some spotlight). So while I'm not too happy that 702 isn't all the hype right now, I think they made a lasting impression on someone like myself, who had their first album. Someone who truly enjoyed growing up on their music and liked bumping their hits and even their not so popular songs.

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