Blacks and Racism: Are You Racist for Supporting Your Own?

12:02 PM

Hey, wolves.
So today, I got something for you; something I don't do quite often. 
It's a topic on race, discussed with and by Oprah Winfrey, on the Oprah Winfrey show. But before I show you this video, I want to tell you all how I even got on the subject.

I was on Facebook talking about how I enjoy to see my race succeed, and that nothing but LOVE is exerted from this end. But of course, I have a white male who comes along and - not only not recognize what I'm saying as a statement of  but discredits my own opinions and actions behind my words. (I feel the need to specifically point out that he is not only a male, but white. It's funny how white men are quick to claim how racist a person is, but still fails to SEE to struggle. See the struggle with their emotions, see it with their mind, see it with their thoughts.) Did I mention he called me a racist?

If I could quote him, I would. But all I remember, was: "I love when people are successful." (and he continued to babble on about how I was wrong for focusing on my own race)
Which I believe is nothing less than a great statement in itself, however for one thing, that is by far an irrelevant statement when speaking on the topic of supporting your race by means of a great success, love, and anything in between. I say this, with the acknowledgement of the fact that black people have gone through such terrible amounts of mistreatment, from the first days of slavery, til now, even. Yes, we have made a great progress. However, discrimination still exists. While all these negative things are still impacting us, and impaling us further into the ground, we need each other more than anyone else in these times, even today. If you log into "World Star Hip Hop," how many videos include outright embarrassing videos and pictures of black people, where they are proud to showcase themselves in such a manner, for, not only entertainment, but because they're okay with it? Today, you no longer have to force someone to act a damned fool. It's almost first nature to someone born in this type of environment. However, with such aware beings like myself in the black community, I think it's only fair that I help my own people rise against the odds, become more than a statistic, and be successful, hand in hand. Mind you, even within the gay community, there is discrimination, and I mention this because it's currently one of the most targeted groups in today's society - everywhere. But even though you may not get along as a people, together, we can still put forth the effort to repair the black community, and in my few words stated in my Facebook status update, this is what my Facebook friend failed to realize. And that's okay; I'm not angry. His misinterpretation is a clear indicator of ignorance, something that seems incurable, even in the age of technology. While everything else in the world is advancing, some people choose to stay behind. Hey, if that's what you want to do with your life, please, by all means, make yourself happy. Ignorance is bliss, go ahead and be a happy fool!

With that being said, I asked my mother today, "why do white people think it's racist when black people support their own people?"
She briefly, for 20 minutes, explained to me what the deal was. She then showed me a few videos on YouTube; videos that she says she has watched live as it originally aired in 1995, where Oprah Winfrey opened eyes across America (and hopefully the world).

I feel like there is nothing more necessary to say that will not be covered in this video.
Watch it for yourself, then you decide what it means to be racist and what it means to support your own people.
[Video below]

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