Day 2 in Brooklyn, New York

Day 2 in New York

AJ and T'nah in the Stu @ Casa De La Phony.

AJ, T'nah, Cindy.
T'nah, in the middle, writing a verse to a little cypher.

Eric @ the Bodega before we take our train to our hotel

Eric, Carl. His Versace glasses.

Eric, T'nah, AJ

So I met a lot of people who knew a lot of people. Being in Brooklyn was one of the coolest things I've ever done. So many good vibes. I met a producer at "Casa De La Phony Ppl," T'nah, from "Pro-Era," her best friend, Cindy Dee, and Carl Sherrom.

Here's a music video of the Phony Ppl, also introducing the Casa De La Phony Ppl.



Here's T'nah from Pro-Era. She was on the track "Suspect" by Joey Bada$$. 


Here's Carl Sherron, "Beyond" music video. He was mad cool. I got him on tape in a freeverse. Very soulful and cool dude. Mad chill. Made me feel at home. Had a good convo with him, we just talked about music, and vibed. T'nah was in on that conversation, too. Fun day.



Special shout outs to Eric, my brother AJ, T'nah, Carl, Cindy, and Bagheer. Thank you for making me feel at home in Brooklyn. 2 more days to go.