Homage to the 70s: "Fantastic Voyage" - Lakeside

10:42 PM

"Slide, slide, just saiiiiil along!"

If you're black and don't know this joint, your parents, or your parents' parents do. So if they aren't teaching you where you come from, then you're highly welcome.

Side note: This song was recorded and released as a single on behalf of the same titled album, "Fantastic Voyage." Though this post is apart of "Homage to the 70s," this song was both recorded and released in 1980. However, the group has been performing since 1969 and therefore apart of the end of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. So not only is this specific post paying homage to the 70s generation, it is also paying homage to two other generations as well. Just wanted to clear that up and inform you all! 

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