Rihanna Unapologetic: "I Need Love and Affection" | Love Song ft. Future

I'm gonna quote the Wolf At Midnight video on the month post on this one... "Am I trippin, Son?"
Did I really hear a Future song I li...l...LOVE?!

I mean, no disrespect. This blog is in no way here to slander any artists, but I'm gonna be honest. I do not like Future's music. And sometimes I look up artists after I hear a good song from them.. usually I luck out. But I've looked up Future before.... ahh... I'm having a mini-debate in my head, but i think I'll look him up one more time. I'll download one of his mixtapes and give it a thorough listen... y'all know how I do... BUT ANYWAYS... look. This is a good song despite him sounding like he's gurgling water on the track.

Listen! Enjoy.

"Rihanna - Love song ft. Future"