Artist Review: Trinidad Jame$

Aww, man. I feel a bit bad because I just discovered this cat like last month. But at least I'm  not two years late like with Teebs in my last post. Ha, so let me start with how I ever figured out who he was...
I was just chillin in class, before it started, going through my YouTube. Imma be honest with y'all, I almost didn't even click. But the thumbnail for his music video "All Gold Everything" just looked so I clicked it. I watched it... I was still a bit sketch about it but I can't lie, that n***a's swag is just off the charts to be honest. Dude has a GOLD SHOPPING CART! Hahahaha that's just ridiculous! 

I think I got lucky when I found out that he had an internet series about his life. It made me like him so much more, because of the things he talks about. His topics, what he says, it's just so real. Here goes a video I watched, and what he was saying, I could understand and relate to so much.

He's 24 years old, as stated in his mixtape that dropped in the summer, called "Don't Be S.A.F.E."
( Also from Clayton County, Georgia.)
He states in his videos that he is a bit late, but hey, 2Chainz is just getting recognition and he's 42. The only really I draw this comparison is because 2Chainz is 42 and has been rapping for a while. He's just now blowing up as opposed to Trinidad Jame$ who has been rapping for a shorter while, and getting recognized so soon.

Some people might use that very example to hate on him. Some people just get lucky, and there's nothing you can do about it. But Trinidad has the skill, I ain't lying when I say he is REALLY good, but I can't say he's the best.
Check out his mixtape, or just chill a while until I do a review on it, which should be very soon. Maybe later today.

Also, peep his swag in these dope images. I think his style is just all around cool, and really fits him. I almost feel like I know him, just by watching his videos.