Video: Antiphon - The Hidden Orchestra (Plus Another)

11:50 PM

It's obvious they've been hiding pretty well, as I am just now finding out about them, but they can't be that good cause I finally found em! Haha, enough with the corniness... 
Same as the last guy, Teebs, I found "The Hidden Orchestra" via a short film on YouTube. Just my everyday activities introduce me to some awesome music, and I'm loving every bit of it.

Similar the the Cinematic Orchestra in the sense that it's very mellow, calm, and chill. Funny how their names are also similar, right? I found out about them from the song "Antiphon," and I fell in love with it. The rain in the background, the epicness... it's just wonderful. So I listened to the rest and just had to have this album, "Night Walks." It debuted in 2010, yes, I'm a bit late again, but whatever. 

Qualified as "electronic jazz," they are from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The bassist in this group is absolutely wonderful.

Listen to the song "Antiphon," form an opinion, then go buy their album. It's so worth it. Especially if you like to go for random walks during the day. It's like a movie, and everything is more creative and strange. I love it.

Here's the song.

Before you go, here's another track I recommend that you give a listen before forming your final opinion the group.


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