Dawolf says "I Owe You One"

So you know that clutter that was recently all over this blog? Yeah, I def owe you one for having to see all that. Such torture, the blog was so bland, with no type of creativity. It was just there. Not to mention the crappy navigation. I'm sorry. However, we are about to hit 60,000 views, here on Wolf At Midnight. As a token of my appreciation, cause you know I love y'all, here are some albums for you to listen to. Yeah, I've been neglecting the blog a bit, but I still been taking musical journeys and discovering some tight sh**. So I got y'all, no doubt. Don't forget to bookmark the blog, share your favorite blog posts, whatever. Oh yeah, now we have a Twitter and Instagram, so you'll always be in tuned with Dawolf and Wolf At Midnight. Yup.
Peace and love.