Late Discover: TNGHT - Higher Ground, Mini EP Discussion [The Wolf is Back]


Well, apparently, they came out last year (2011). I'm not mad though. I'm late on the discovery but the discovery itself was a beautiful find, indeed.
I heard this song and fell in love. As of late, I've been meaning to go to a party and just dance my troubles away. If this song is played, I'm finding a chick, and I'm dancing. Swear.
This song, in my opinion, is the best on the album... had I heard anything else first, I probably wouldn't download the EP.

Here it is, y'all. 
"Higher Ground" - TNGHT

Oh, and by the way... the Wolf is back. For real this time.

I said that last time but I mean it. I got a new phone, I'm definitely going to be making more posts via celly.