Do Yourself a Favor, and...

Buy that album by Frank Ocean. Yeah," Orange Channel." That is definitely some good s**t.
Favorite songs? Its so hard to choose, but I can give that album a solid 9/10. Great production. Great sound. As for one song, I don't think it really flowed with the album too much. The tone was one way but this one song slightly steered it off course. But it was less than a minute anyway. I'm not truly stressing over this song, anyway. Just had to say that, though. The song I'm referring to is "Fertilizer." I mean, don't get me wrong, it was still Frank Ocean-ish, but it was a bit... holiday-ish. Lol.
The album is really soulful. Something to "set the mood" with.
And to wrap up this up, I do want to say I'm sorry for being late. At the moment, this is probably a blog you wanna put last on the list if you're trying to stay updated with new s**t as soon as its released, but you can't say I don't give you a full and accurate review on whatever it is I'm reviewing. Cause if you said that... well, f**k you.