Les Twins Make a Comeback | 2012 - World of Dance

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Recently, I was more than happy to find out that I have a wider selection of Les Twins dance videos to watch and take notes from.
Still got this hobby that may render as silly to some, of wanting to dance.

So of course, Les Twins being two of my favorite, I was excited to see them kill their competition in dance battles, freestyles, and other competitions. 
My favorite video thus far is their World of Dance choreography. They always seem to kill it at World of Dance, so this wasn't a surprise.

Check it out below. 

-Les Twins @ World of Dance 2012- 
-Here is the same day from a different angle, one I favor of the first video- 
I've only started watching Les Twins since late 2010, meaning there are only so many videos I've seen. I've gone to the past videos of 2006 and found this video of where they performed their asses off, battling a decent crew.
You can tell it's old look at the twins' hair! Mini afros, and all. I believe they were around the age of 18 years old. 
-Les Twins vs Baptwins, 2006- 
Fan of Krump like I am?
Watch Les Twins and friends battle and all Krump crew, and set the floor ablaze.
I think the twins murdered their opponents. Beyond revival.
It's actually pretty sad.
I must say, those krumpers didn't really represent krump too well when they battled the twins. But we all have our bad times. I'd actually like to see this Krump crew again, at their best, with fingers crossed, hoping this video doesn't show them at their best. If so, they need some work.
Here's the video, below. 
-New Style Dance vs Krump- 
After watching that video, I notice that battles are also about hype. I hate to state the obvious, but that's real. You can be a horrible rapper, but the hype is what keeps you alive, not the lyrics.
Let's take SupaHotFire for example. Now, we all know it's a parody, hardy-har-har.
But whether Deshawn Raw had intentions of it or not, there is some truth behind stuff like this. His lyrics were garbage, but he had a hype crew behind him. Everyone was digging him.
The opponent, on the other hand, had lyrics out the a**!
He was actually pretty dope. But, as stated, it's all about the hype.
(A bit off topic now, but here's the video below.)
Back to some more Les Twins.
I figure I should end this blog post with a little something something like this. [video below.]
-Larry vs. Mary Poppins- 
Mary Poppins is beyond sick! Just had to add that comment in there...

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