Video: Ace Hood - "GANGSTA SH*T" | Dir. by Nuyoka & CO

"Now that's some gangsta sh*t!"
So I got a lil background of this guy while in a convo with the director of this film. He's from Broward County, Florida, you know, the 954, yadda yadda, and I think he's pretty tight. I might get scolded for saying this, but he sort of, slightly, somewhat reminds me of Yelawolf. Just by his voice and flow, and only on this track.

Glad I got that off my chest.

But shout outs to Mr. Nuyoka, I really like this video best out of the others he also directed for Ace Hood. Cheers.

A word from the director:
"I had surgery on my spine about 7 hours before I went out to shoot that video. I escaped and came back towards the end of the night and was in trouble with the hospital, I edited from my hospital room and then made the effects about 4 days later from home on bed rest."
If you don't respect a man who is true to his word, there is something truly wrong with you. Not only is this man serious, but he goes to the extreme to get his work done. Take notes upcoming directors, rappers, etc, this is how you make it out here!


Also, a side note: When I watched this, I was completely in awe because I'm so used to falling in love with just a beat/instrumental, or an artist's voice, or even their lyrics. Why do I like this so much? Because it appeals to different sides to me. The beat bangs, the lyrics and flow are definitely on key, and the video production is simply amazing. 

If you don't know, here's a small introduction to what I like.

I'm very interested in photography, music, filmmaking, skating, fashion, drawing, and all around art. (To be honest, I'm sure there's tons more that I haven't discovered yet.) "Jack of all trades," "renaissance," et cetera.
Being that I like all these things (in which I usually generalize as just ART altogether), I really notice lots of things and details. Maybe sometimes less than others, more than others, less than usual, more than usual, but no matter what, I'll see it!

Iight, I'm out.