Timeline Indeed Sucks, Here's What You Should Do About It

8:09 PM

1. Go to Facebook
2. Like the page "Timeline Sucks"
3. Bookmark their blog End Timeline
4. Stay up-to-date with their page and blog 

Everyday there are reasons, ideas, petitions and more to stay informed with. If you want to fight for Timeline to be removed for good, for your safety, your privacy, and your information to stay safe, just do as stated in the four simple steps.
However, if you download apps, Google Chrome add-ons, etc, you will not have Timeline removed, and all your information will be available for everyone to see. Also, here's a tip, remove your phone number from your Facebook account, it is visible to those who are not on your friends list, as well as those on it, no matter if you have it blocked or not.
Another good tip is to remove your SCHOOL, your WORK, your ADDRESS, and do not, I repeat, do not ever type in your location and add it to statuses with friends.
These are the best tips to keep yourself safe and your information on lock.

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