Thoughts & Opinions: Clear Soul Forces, "Bringing Back Soulful Hip Hop"

Alright, I got another story about how I was sittin' in class, on the computer on my free time discovering new music.
Well one thing I need to address, because I know you're thinking this, is "Why do you have so much free time?"
Well to answer that; that's none of your business. Ha.

The second thing I need to address is how you all need to stay up on this blog, because as promised on my Facebook page, I have some amazing Hip Hop for that a**, like, it's incredible. Beyond incredible. 'Matter of fact, there is no words to describe my discoveries, but I'm just glad I got someone like you to pass this onto.

But uh, let me begin with the story on how I discovered these talented beasts.

My awesome Film Study/Humanities teacher put on some beats for us to listen to. Small classroom, a couple of kids(actually just two, including me), and some good a** beats. You can't deny, that's an awesome feeling for anyone. So I'm groovin' doing my exam, and when I hand it in, this real dope beat comes on. I hop on the computer, get on YouTube and look it up and just vibe out. I was totally in another zone. I was just gone.

So that was that, and I clicked something on the sidebar.
Vibed again, spaced out, yadda yadda, and then I saw "Clear Soul Forces."
In the thumbnail, I see a couple-a black kids in a music video. I clicked it, interested in the name of the group and the thumbnail.

When the song came on, I got goosebumps. When I tell you that sh** was live, I mean, that sh** was LIVE!
I mean look at it from my perspective; I don't listen to whack ass mainstream rappers who are overplayed, corny, flashy, and negative. I don't like when rappers over do a song with a million pointless punchlines, and I don't like rappers who lack substance.

These guys got it all, man. For real!

I'ma let you hear this real quick. This is what I first heard by them.
(The video is also amazing. The concept is just great. I really like it, honestly. Too bad this post is about the music and not the video production)

 If you have a hard time believing that this is soulful, please reevaluate yourself! Lol, honestly, this is awesome. They don't look too older than myself. They look around 20-25, around the same age as your favorite rappers now, but what's the difference? TALENT. Talent is a whole different topic in which I'd rather discuss on another post, but these guys got the juice! Lol!

But yes, this is what we need. Let's all come to the realization that this is what's real. Please note that these guys are young, their lyrics are mad tight, and the beat is right. This is all I ever need. Support their music. Buy their albums. Subscribe on YouTube. Always stay in tuned with this group, they are truly amazing.

I'm out!