PLUG - Back On Time :: A Couple of Tracks I Dig

I was at my favorite music store in the whole world, no, not FYE, not Hot Topic, but a store name I can't yet reveal, located in the Manchester, CT shopping mall.
I was out with a friend, and thank goodness my phone died(sarcasm), so I couldn't just whip it out and take pictures of album covers that looked interesting. So, I took out my beloved Fujifilm and took some photos on the albums. I'm home now, and I finally looked through the photos and looked up the music. Most of em aren't disappointing at all, so why not share it on the world's favorite blog, Wolf At Midnight.

You'll thank me for this one day. Enjoy. 

"Feelin' So Special" 

"Scar City" 

"Mind Bending" 

Go out, do yourself a favor and buy this album. Or stay home and order it online.