WHOA. Did I Just Find Out the Sample to...?

4:10 AM

So me and Tek were sharing music with each other on Facebook. I showed him some songs and I was listening to "Rounded" by Samiyam.
Later on I switched to "Real Mother-f**kin' Gs" by Eazy-E
Let's see if you can hear what I heard. I'm pretty sure Samiyam used the same bassline from "Real Mother-f**kin' Gs" in his song "Rounded." Don't ask me why I'm all excited right now!! I just am... both good songs I hear all the time, and to know that they're in some way related, just makes me feel all excited :))))

"Real Mother-f**kin' Gs" - Eazy-E


"Rounded" - Samiyam

Please tell me you hear the resemblance? I'm not crazy...

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