Fashion - Self Expression, or...

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You can look at a person today and know what kind of intentions they have with what they're wearing. Why are you wearing those Nike Jordan sneakers? Why is he wearing that random bow? 

I'll tell you why.
I mean, of course, I'm being completely judgmental at the moment, as I am 24/7. I can't say I'm never not judgmental. But what I can say, is that I don't use what I see against people. I take one look at a person, whether they have the cleanest Nikes on, or the dirtiest pair of jeans on, I'm gonna look at them and wonder for what reason they look like that. But never will I use what I see against a person... I mean, unless you piss me off. 

So, now that I got that out of the way, I can go ahead and explain my opinion on fashion.

You see a kid with some red and black Jordans, a Supreme sweatshirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a red snapback to match it. What goes through your head?
I feel like its a way to fit in. Those are a lot of name brands on one person at once. I saw someone look like this. Not only did I think there was too much going on, but I feel like it was an act to fit in. Not a conscious act, but then again that depends on that person's personality.

Nowadays, with Tumblr in everyone's face, people are finding easier ways to become "internet famous," like those Scene Kids back on MySpace. Copying Soulja Boy, Tyga, Chris Brown, and the rest of them, when these wannabe kids get a little popularity for looking like these famous musicians, I guess it ain't hard for the social standards to go higher.
You HAVE to look like Soulja to get this popularity in some cases.
Or, you HAVE to look like Tyga to get a couple cool ass friends.

So what about the "hipsters?' The wannabe hipsters, that is. Lol can you believe those even exist?
There are kids who go out and buy stuff just because its significantly different from what they usually wear. People like that are starving for attention and respect (for doing it first). They know they might look ridiculous wearing it, so they keep it a bit low-key. (Kinda like Lil Wayne, when he wore those green uggs in his music video.) But the thing about them keeping it low-key is, they don't really keep it low-key. Either they don't know how to, or they're trying really hard to get that one thing noticed.

Like some random green bow tie. It might match everything else you got on, but come on. Its a bow tie. I understand that people want to be different, but when thousands of people try to be the same kind of different, at the same time, it's not different! It's actually quite the same. And that's basically a trend.

Have you seen the grandpa trend yet? Or better known as the "Bill Cosby" trend, where you got some socks, a sweater, or turtle neck that looks like something Bill Cosby wore on the show. Another thing that's supposed to be "cute," "original," "DOPE," et cetera. Why? Because a couple of kids decided to bring it back. You know, the whole 80s and 90s baby thing going on now. Sure, it's fashionable in some senses. Some of these sweaters aren't completely hideous. Some actually look good. But when you see someone wear it, what do you think?

I feel like its another one of those acts of getting a little popularity just 'cause you dress different. But, I feel a bit lenient with this one. Not everyone is doing it, some folks are, but its at a minimum. It's not in my face all the time, some people who wear it isn't doing too much when they wear it. The socks, however, don't belong on feet with sneakers. Not dress shoes either. In fact, those socks need to be obliterated. My grandpa doesn't even wear them. He keeps it sweet and simple with the black dress socks, and keeps it moving, lol.

What about "Good Wood?"
Pretty cool idea. Nice jewelry.
Would I wear it?
Why would I wear a big piece of wood around my neck?
Lol. It looks nice on some people, I mean...if that's what you like.
...moving on.

Sneakers. Footwear.
There's nothing wrong with some Nike Jordans, I mean, that's the hood sneaker right there. People in the hood, and the suburbs, both wear these sneakers. Not equally, lol I'm sure there are more people in the hood rocking Jordans than in the 'burbs.
But Nike Jordans, I don't have a problem with em. I like them, in fact. Do I wear them? No. Would I wear them? Maybe.
But I'm not breaking my neck over them. They're (almost) in any store that sell sneakers if I need them.

Basically, I want you to get the idea of what people wear and why. I mean some people, I see right through. I have this one hipster friend who doesn't even know she's a hipster, and she dresses amazingly. I commend her dress style. But she does it...subconsciously. She knows what she's doing, but she doesn't wear what she wears to fit in, she's just naturally different and stylish. Everyone is. But many people chose to copy and follow other people. Sad, right? But like I said, I don't use any of my judgments against anyone. I just form an opinion and keep it moving. That opinion doesn't make me hate or love you right off the bat either.
Just something I do mentally, and thought I'd share it with you insomniac wolves.

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