Video: D-I-Y Transformers Costume (Actually Transforms)

If you caught me five years ago and showed me these videos, I would've been trying to make this out of some cardboard boxes... But know I'm much more mature and hardly even think of these things. If it weren't for about three years ago when I had lived with my sister and her family, I probably wouldn't even bother with Transformers or even care to know what the hell they were. And since my nephew, who's 7 years younger than I am, is such a fan of Transformers, his love for these robots kinda rubbed off onto me. Anyway, I remembered how much of a nerd I was when I was a bit younger...pretty much my whole childhood (not including my teenage years). This is probably something I would do, create, attempt, and show off to my friends, then move on and build something else.

(To be completely honest, I could see myself doing this now, if I had the time and money to buy all the materials needed to make it...hahaha let's keep that between you and I)