Thoughts & Opinions: The Trayvon Martin Case

It's not everyday that you see black person, killed, and their story becoming this popular. What is everyday, however, is another black person dying in the streets over something ridiculous.
Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin, found to have only a bag of skittles, and an AriZona drink when shot dead, was only 17-years-old. His killer, the head of the neighborhood watch program known as George Zimmerman, allegedly was in his own vehicle.
George Zimmerman

While in his vehicle, he called 9-1-1, described Martin as someone who "didn't belong in the neighborhood." Lots of people are quick to claim that Martin's death is subject to racism, and the main reason is probably because Zimmerman has not yet been arrested and brought to jail. A point I feel should be brought up is that people see this man, George Zimmerman, as white, and only because he isn't arrested after killing a black male. What people don't seem to understand that, this man may or may not be white. That doesn't mean the case still isn't subject to racism, just shedding light on the fact that white-Americans are not the only people who may feel they are superior to black-Americans.

There is also a claim by officers that Trayvon Martin STOLE the skittles and AriZona, which "triggered Zimmerman into his self-defense claim, [because he had no receipt for the items]."
Seriously? That's some real bullsh*t!! Honestly, how much does it take for an officer to go back to the store and check the last couple of purchases, the security cameras, and ask the store clerk? Is that seriously an issue in the United States of America? Hmm...

"Am I Next??" the odds are very slim, but when stories like this pop-up on the news, it makes you wonder. Remember the case with Troy Davis? Technically, there wasn't enough proof to say that Troy Davis killed a man in 1989. But for some odd reason, because he was at McDonalds, while a cop was murdered, Troy Davis was GIVEN the blame, and also given the death penalty in 2011. That also makes me wonder, if a situation like that was to go down while I was trying to enjoy a meal at a fast food resturant, AM I NEXT?