Fashion: Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat

Wow, where do I begin with such beautiful sneakers? I found these while on Tumblr, searching for some Reebok sneakers. I came to the realization that while Nike Jordan sneakers may be all the hype in the urban community, I really really really really love Reebok sneakers. Not to mention how much respect I have for the late Jean-Michel Basquiat! Such a true artist. Many will say his art is that of a child, but Basquiat is one of those people I look up to. His art blatantly says "No one is to judge how I express myself." Or at least that is how I interpret it. I feel like if people feel that his art is that of a child's, then so be it. It is not you who has to draw it or look at it every day. No one should judge anyone's artwork or the way they express themselves, no matter what! But let's get back to the sneakers before I get too carried away with this. 

I honestly can not even decide which sneakers I would like over the others. If I could, I would own all three. I can't stress it enough how much I love these sneakers! I really think it's the fact that Jean-Michel Basquiat is involved. Like I said before, I love Reebok sneakers, but I also respect Basquiat so much. I probably would like these a bit less if, say, these were designed by a rap artist, or a R&B singer. Nevertheless, they are still amazing. It just blew my mind when I saw the name "Basquiat" followed by the crown.

The man behind the art...